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9 Tips for Using Instagram for Business
Don’t you think Instagram is such a cool little platform that can easily be used for business?

Did you know, that with a few little tweaks you can actually get your niche audience growing?

Often times business owners think that if they simply create an Instagram account, they can just start posting photos and their number of followers will automatically sky rocket.

Putting a little bit of thought into simple things such as your username, bio, the images in your gallery and even the captions in each image will certainly help boost your followers and bring in more potential customers and clients.

Over the next few posts, I will be giving you some insight on how you can use Instagram for business.

I’m just going to give you a little quickstart here, you cool with that?

Right-o… here we go yo!

1. Niche until it hurts

Woah! Niche until it hurts?

But, if your niche is too small, you won’t have any followers?

On the contrary.

Instagram is such a great platform to really narrow down your target market and niche.

Focusing on just one niche… one little eensy narrow topic or area will bring in the exact followers you want to bring in.

I’ve always found that littering my gallery with nearly everything in my life doesn’t get as much interaction.

People are more likely to follow you if your gallery is focused on just one thing.

It’s a really great way to find an audience who truly wants to see what you have to offer.

It’s a direct message calling out to that exact market.


… without actually yelling. heh.

Ok, maybe it’s more of a tap on the shoulder.

2. Be the One Thing No One Else Can Be… You

Mmmm… being authentically you.

That is one absolute way you can guarantee you won’t be like anyone else.

You’re uniqueness is what will attract your audience to you.

Often times we’re just so…. um.. so caught up into doing things or being a certain way just because we think we have to.

The reality is… f*ck that. F*CK that!

You are you.

No one can ever take that away.

Someone will absolutely love you for you.

And the person that doesn’t.. you wouldn’t want them buying your sh** anyway.

Wait.. what? How are they getting to know you?

Duh.. your personality shines through your images and your bio.

That’s where the REAL SECRET comes to play.

Uh.. I’ll tell you what that is in the end.

Read on.

3. Create Conversation and Interact

Say what?


If you want to be your authentic you so that you can attract the right people… interact with them.

When people comment on your image, reply back to them.

In fact, you can even go as far as sending DMs.

What’s a DM?

A direct message.

We’ll talk more about that later.

All I have to say for now is that.. connect with a follower on your DM, you’ll have a higher chance of them staying a follower.

This is all part of really being able to get your audience/followers to know, like and trust you.

4. Don’t Use Hashtags… ok Well.. at Least Do it the Right Way

Hashtags suck.

Ok.. they don’t really.

But there’s a right way to use them and a wrong way to use them.

That is… if you want to find quality followers and leads for your business.

Using hashtags to search for your audience is cool. I’m not going to get into that too much now.

But putting up to 30 hashtags on an image that you post is prone to spammy comments and followers.

You’re in business and using Instagram to find warm leads using Instagram.

Adding an incessant amount of hashtags will not only send more spammy comments and followers your way, but it’s an amateur way of getting followers.

Everyone does it.

When I see an image with a ton of hashtags, I get a bad taste in my mouth.

The truth is, we barely use hashtags and when we do they’re for very specific reasons that help our brand rather than hurt it… and we still get loads of interaction and quality leads to our business.

Remember… you want to be your authentic you right?

Well.. this is part of it.

5. Value value value value value value value value.

Oh, and did I say value?


Give a ton of value to your followers.

But, Regina… how can I give value in an image?


I’m going to assume that if you either have a business or you’re thinking of having a business AND you want to use Instagram for your business, you have a bit of creativity in your cute little self right?

If you’re a photographer… or heck.. even if you’re not… you know that a picture is worth a thousand words.

That means part of giving value is being intentional with the photo that you’re taking.

Ugh god I know.. what? how do you do this?

Trust me.. I’m NOT a photographer, but we’ve practiced this and still practice it over and over. It’s the only way to get better.

Just take the darn picture..

Another way to give value is in the caption itself.

Do you have any cool tips based on what the picture is about?

Remember that an Instagram caption is limited to 2,000 characters.


Ok, one last value idea… put quotes or tips DIRECTLY ONTO THE IMAGE!


Canva, PicMonkey… or any tools you may find here.

6. Congruency is the Key

The key to what?

Well.. it’s one of the keys to increasing your number of the right followers.

What is a right follower? One who has the potential to purchase a product or a service for you.

It’s really the first key to gaining trust… trust that you’re really true to your message

So you’re probably asking.. being congruent with what?

Well.. this is really a huge topic believe it or not, but it really comes down to being congruent with your message.

Is your username defined enough to grab the right follower’s attention?

Does your bio expand on what your username implies?

Is the name of the only clickable link on your IG gallery in congruency also (does it match the username)?

When your audience clicks your link, will the website or capture page display the exact message you’re trying to get cross in your IG gallery?

If that link takes your user to a sales funnel, is the same message explicit or implicitly available for your follower?

When a person opts-in are your backend emails in congruency as well?

Hmmmmm… lots to think about right?

7. Mobile Optimized?

The link in your bio is the only clickable link available on Instagram.

Use it wisely.

So the biggest question is.. does that link take you to a mobile optimized page?

This can make or break your conversion stats.

Remember that IG is a mobile platform.

Yes, you can see galleries on your desktop, but most people use it on their mobile phone to post and search other galleries.

8. Creating more than one account (WHA?!!!)

Uh… say what? Create more than one account?


Yes (serious face).

Having just one account as a business is a huge limitation.

Remember what I said about niching down until it hurts?

(Is ‘niching’ even a word?)

You’ll find a ton more traction if you have accounts specific to one thing.

You know how you like to post nearly everything you do?

Ok..well that probably works on Facebook.

But, on IG…do one account for each.

Trust me. It’s actually easier to create a congruent bio and sales funnel if you stick to just one thing.

It’s just like what ‘they’ say…. (wait.. who are they again?)

“Marketing to everyone is marketing to no one.”

It’s the same in IG…putting up all your pictures for people to see.. will not be seen the way you want them to.

9. Think About Scaling Up

This goes along the lines of creating more accounts.

If you get things right you could probably get about 5-10 leads per account..approx.

Think about 10x or 20x’ing your business… creating more accounts is a start.

But.. really, it’s just the beginning.

And trust me.. I’ll be talking about it. OHHH I’ll be talking about it.

The REAL Secret

Remember in #2 how I talked about the real secret?

Wait.. did you just skip through?

Read all the way through and I’ll wait here for you…

Ok… So, I talked about the real secret.

I also talked about being your authentic you…

I gave you some tips to help you be your authentic you..

.. and this is all for a good reason.

Because you’re really here to get your audience/followers to get to know, like and trust you.

That’s really what it comes down to.

And that’s not even the secret.

The secret is…


your products aren’t even your “real” products.

Your REAL product…

.. is YOU.

There are so many ways to find out the knowledge you have in your head, but in the end people will join you and buy your product because of you.

The people who resonate with your vision and your message and the ones that truly connect with you are the ones that will look to you for help.

So… find out your target market’s problem… find a solution… and be you.

The people who hate your or talk smack… they’re not even worth your time and energy.. and quite frankly.. they’re doing you a big service by blatantly telling you or showing you that you shouldn’t work with them because they suck.

Until the next post…

Regina van de Velden
Courageously Free Since January 2014

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