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The Ultimate Instagram Cheat Sheet
So you want to make money by gaining followers on Instagram do you?

This is how most people do it....

You pop up a few photos.

You add cool captions.

And .. tick.. tock.. tick.. tock..

Nothing happens!

You’re like.. how the heck do I even do this?

Below I’m going to give you the Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Congruency in Instagram.

Yes.. give you.

Because… though there are a number of things you need to think of congruency is massive part of bringing everything together.

So, though the ultimate end result is being able to create money from Instagram, you need to do a bit of prepping.

First of all, what is congruency anyway?


Congruency means that the message you want to convey (with whatever you’re promoting) is congruent from beginning to end.

Meaning….from the point of initial contact (first time the person sees a picture from your gallery and bio) all the way through the end (even after you make the sale).

Take a look at the Ultimate Cheat Sheet below for an explanation.
With each of these steps I laid out some questions to guide you through the thinking process so that it gets easier and easier each time as you create more accounts for your business.


Before you move forward through the roadmap laid out for you here, there is one huge thing to think of.

That is.. what message are you trying to convey.

What do I mean by message?

What I mean is, what is it that you want to tell your potential customer without screaming desperation?

Let’s start with this…

Tell me what your vision is (or at least tell it to yourself right now).

Step 01 – Your Username

Some questions you may want to ask yourself are:

Is your username clear?
Does it attract your target market?
Does it describe your offer?
You do have a limited amount of characters, yes, but you can still be rather clever when you create your username and still have people understand what you’re talking about.

One thing you may want to think of is..

Who are your target market or avatar?

Your avatar is someone in your target market. He or she is that ONE person you want to convey your message to.

For example, if you have products to cater to someone who is into sustainable living you could do something like freeRangeChick or something.

That username is already taken but you can use the words with a variation of underscores (‘_’) or dots (‘.’).

Be creative.

Step 02 – Your Bio

Does your bio reflect what your username says?
Have you briefly explained what you’re all about?

So thinking of your target market, your message and your username. You’ll want to write something clever to explain what you do exactly and make sure that you mention something about being into ‘free range’ whatever.

Keep in mind that you only have 150 characters to fill this up.

Step 03 – Your Link

Does your link name match your username and what your bio says?

Can you see a trend here? Being sure that you are saying the same thing… conveying the same message from beginning to end is so key.

Now, your bio is the only place you can add a clickable link.

Keeping that name congruent to your username and what you wrote in the bio is important here too.

By being congruent, you’re telling your potential customer… ‘yes, I am thinking of you. I know exactly who you are and I can help solve any problems you have.’

So, purchase a domain that reflects the same exact thing.. in this case, something like or whatever. I don’t actually know if that’s a real url as I’m just using this as an example.

Step 04 – Your Content

Does the content your link lead to convey the same message?

In this case, when I refer to content, I’m not necessarily talking about the content in your IG gallery.. although THAT is very important as well.

But, what I’m really talking about here is the content after your potential lead and customer clicks on your link in your bio.

What is that link going to?

Whether it’s your website, your blog or just a capture page, be sure it has the same message you’re conveying on your IG account.

Step 05 – Your Offer

Does your offer deliver what you promised during the course of this map?

What is your offer?

Your offer is your product or your service.

It’s that solution or solutions that you have to offer for those who are looking to solve their problems.

You’ve been attracting them and pulling them all the way through to get them to this point. Now, whether or not they actually purchase depends on whether or not this is the right solution for them.

Whether they’re ready or not, you’re giving them what they promised right?




Why is all of this important?

If you stray away (even a tiny bit) from your message and exactly what you have to offer, your user will get confused.

They keep moving forward along this map to your offer because they are subconsciously agreeing at each step… “yes, this is what i want.”

By staying congruent you are maintaining that trust.

By delivering what you’ve been promising this whole time you get a satisfied customer.

Of course, not everyone is going to buy, but the more leads you get onto your list, the higher chance you will be able to offer them something they will buy later on down the line.
Regina van de Velden
Courageously Free Since January 2014

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